May Highlights at StoriesClick: Captivating Moments

We are already halfway through the year. Where is 2024 racing to?

May started quickly for us at StoriesClick, marking a month full of exciting projects and new ventures that truly showcased our dedication to brand storytelling through words and visuals.

Photo Shoot in Belfast: On May 8, we traveled to Belfast for a captivating photo shoot documenting the Arulebasโ€™ fifteenth wedding anniversary. It was thrilling to be in Northern Ireland, even if only for a few hours, capturing the love and joy of such a special occasion.A remote for a fun robot being usedCoLab Launch for Create Central: On May 9, we immersed ourselves in the CoLabLaunch for Create Central, documenting the event through writing, photography, and short videos. This project was particularly exciting, as it allowed us to explore and highlight unique creative production businesses in the West Midlands region.Find the videos here, here, and here.ย Learn more about CoLab here.Poetry Video “Bang Bang”: We also worked on a powerful poetry video called โ€œBang Bangโ€ by Mafoya Amogunla. Shot primarily on an iPhone, this poignant piece draws attention to the plight of children caught in adult wars. This demonstrates our commitment to meaningful storytelling through media.Networking and Events: While we admittedly lagged on social media content in May, our physical networking efforts were robust. We attended the West Midlands Ownership Hub launch and Culture Centralโ€™s Heritage X Arts Connector, connecting with industry leaders and exploring new opportunities for collaboration in the West Midlands.

Services We Offer:

  • Video Storytelling: If you want to tell your brandโ€™s story through a video that resonates with your audience, talk to us.
  • Professional Photoshoots: For professional photoshoots that capture the essence of your organisation, do not hesitate to reach out.
  • Event Content Planning: If you have an event and are thinking of ways to plan content beyond the event, let us help you give your content nine lives.
We remain steadfast in our mission to create compelling brand stories that engage and inspire. Here’s to a brighter June filled with even more exciting projects and opportunities!Stay connected with StoriesClick for more updates and engaging content.

May Highlights at StoriesClick: Captivating Moments