Unlock the Power of Content: Give it Nine Lives!

Let’s talk about the art of maximising your content’s impact – giving it the longevity it deserves! 🌟

Content remixing is one way of making your content last as long as you want. It is one way of giving your content a new purpose. Here are my top tips on how to give your content not just one life, but a whopping NINE! 🐱✨

We use our coverage of the HSBC X NIYO’s Black History Month event as an example. Haha, they must be tired of us now as we are constantly tagging them on the content from the event again and again. Can’t help it, it was an exciting one with so many highlights.

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Content repurposing makes your content amazing with every refresh

1️⃣ Quality Over Quantity: Start with compelling high-quality content. Think of it as the foundation – the stronger it is, the more lives it can sustain. You know what happens to weak foundations, right? For us, this started with high-quality pictures.

2️⃣ Craft evergreen content: This ensures it remains valuable to your audience, regardless of trends. In our case, we have so far extracted three content types.

3️⃣ Repurpose: Turn that blog post into a podcast, a video, an infographic, or even a webinar. Different formats reach different audiences and breathe new life into your message. Of course, this depends on what aligns with your client’s needs.

4️⃣ Social Media Roulette: Share across platforms strategically. Tailor your content for each channel, making it native and engaging for every audience. Of course, what worked for IG, likely won’t work for Twitter; so, adapt the content to the platform.

5️⃣ Timing is Key: Don’t let your content become a ghost. Keep it alive by reposting strategically. Share it during different times, days, and seasons to catch new eyes. Imagine the possibility of sharing the same post on Andy Street, the West Midlands Mayor’s birthday (June 11). Or even re-sharing it during a future women-focused event? Or highlighting it again whenever HSBC supports women-owned businesses?

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Content remix magic: When you realise the right timing for your old content…

6️⃣ Interactive Content: Encourage participation! Quizzes, polls, and Q&A sessions keep your audience engaged and invested in your content for the long haul. I have not used this one for this particular event but the possibilities are there.

7️⃣ Optimise for SEO: Ensure your content is search engine optimised. This boosts its visibility and increases the likelihood of it being discovered over time.

8️⃣ Update and Refresh: Content doesn’t have to be static. Regularly update it with new information, insights, or perspectives. This signals to your audience that you’re committed to providing the latest, especially when you centre them.

9️⃣ Community Engagement: Foster a community around your content. Encourage discussions, respond to comments, and create a space where your audience feels heard and valued. Remember, the key is to be strategic, consistent, and adaptable. Give your content the attention it deserves, and it’ll repay you with not just one, but NINE incredible lives! 🌈✨

What are your tips for giving content longevity?

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